Training and Development

The Association is acutely aware that the industry must attract the best young people and up-skill its current workforce to secure its future long term prosperity. The Association through grant funding of up to 50% assists member companies in the training and development of their workforce and directs the vast majority of this funding into supporting the  employment of apprentices , undergraduates and graduates and the up-skilling of technicians.


The closures of the textile departments in the local colleges meant that member
companies have to send their apprentices and trainees to the Textile Centre of Excellence in Huddersfield. Where possible the Association provides grant aid to assist member companies in the cost of this off site training

Undergraduates and Graduates

The association is keen to encourage member companies to consider employing textile and non-textile graduates. With this in mind and in conjunction with the textile department at Manchester Metropolitan University , the association organises two student study tours per year taking a total of 20  textile design undergraduates and giving them  experience of commercial textile production ,ranging from yarn production, weaving and dyeing and finishing . The Association also financially assists members who have employed a graduate, by supporting their further development on short courses.


As member companies invest in the latest machinery and technology, the requirement for highly skilled textile technicians has never been more important. The type of high level training necessary is not available in the UK.  Training is carried out by machinery builders at their overseas training schools. The  training is not supported by government schemes and  due to its specialised nature , is extremely expensive. The Association gives financial support of up to 50% to member companies who wish to train their technicians by this route.